Rope & Pole Tents Rope & Pole Tents 30x60 Red/White Manufactured by Anchor Industries with the best material. This tent can be used for many events. The red/white is a great eye catcher! Many companies have used it to improve their sales and customer traffic. 142707503 40x80 Red/White This was setup at Schepel Hummer for an outdoor event by their off-road course. 142707504 40x100 White Outside of the tent with solid sidewall around it. This was set up in a backyard for a reception. 142707505 40x80 White Inside of one end of tent. Here you see the use of a 5th wheel flatbed trailer for a stage. This was set up for a backyard wedding reception. See the window sidewall in backround. 142707506 40x100 White As you can see in the picture, there is a 20ft panel that is made of more translucent material. This shows more wear on top. 142707507 40x140 Yellow/White This was se tup for a beer garden in a church parking lot. 142707508 60x80 White Century Tent This is a photo of a 60x80 Century Twin Peak Tent made by Anchor Industries. This is a great eye catching high peak tent for your event. 142707509 60x80 White Century Tent This is our 60x80 at a beer garden in Hanna, IN. We installed this on the street for the Fire Dept's Street Dance Fest! 4800 sf of Beer Garden and Bands! 142707510 60x80 White Century Tent Great Picture of tent set up by a business. 142707511 60x80 White Century Tent Inside picture of how the twin high peak looks. Great sound when bands play inside. 142707512 30x60 Red & White Great use for Car Dealerships or sales 197386512 40x60 Wedding Tent Nice intimate backyard wedding...fitting easily 125 guests plus a dance floor. 197386513 40x40 Wedding with cathedral sidewall Beautiful 40x40 Wedding tent in a backyard of a home in Lakes of the Four Seasons. 197386514 40x60 Vip Tent for customers Local Motorcycle dealership showing customer appreciation. Can fit easily 250 people standing. 197386515